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Dreaming of jamming at sea

In between emails and other word munching for work I started wondering what the saxophonist Skerik might be up to these days. I remember catching him play with Sadhappy in Seattle in the early 90’s. In the midst of all the guitar players flooding the city at that time it was impressive to see how he could rock a woodwind. A quick Google video search pulled up a slew of new fan video bites from the Jam 7 Cruise at the beginning of the month.

A musicians life may be a bit bumpy at times, but things can’t be all bad if you’re jamming with Les Claypool on a cruise ship headed for Belize and Costa Maya.

My dad is headed for Puerto Penasco, and the Chinese New Year revelers from Asheville have hit Negril, Jamaica to jam on the beach there. I’m wondering if the Hawaiian sounds of Kon Tiki at The Purple Onion in Saluda this Saturday will be enough to quench my thirst for sea faring musical adventure. For now, I’m winter cloud drip computer working and dreaming of sun jamming music on the ocean.


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Getting by

When the world is frozen
seek shelter with company
when the cupboard is bare
pool your resources with friends
many hands working together
make a mighty task simple
so no one is hungry or cold

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Dancing on the ceiling

Why have I never seen this?

Here’s the rest of the dance:

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Shifting sands

Awash in a ocean of information
more words flood my way than I read
more sounds crash over my head than I hear.
Pulling myself on dry land to catch my breath
the sand shifts beneath my feet
tugging my toes toward the edge
until the current pulls and I float back out to sea.

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